FirstCyte Biologics

First Cyte Leadership

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. James Thomas Phillips, PhD., is the original visionary at First Cyte Biologics, and its CEO. From founding the largest cryobank in the state of Arizona, to being the founder to three regenerative medical practices, Dr. Phillips leads First Cyte Biologics with much experience and innovation. Dr. Philips believes that to remain competitive, and to do what's best for the patient, First Cyte Biologics must never rest, and keep researching and seeking the latest, greatest, most advanced and cutting-edge products and protocols for treatment available. Dr. Phillips has been sought after, worldwide, for his expertise and customized treatment protocols for a wide array of diseases and ailments. We are grateful to have him as our leader! (866)-826-2355

Rolf brings practical business knowledge to First Cyte Biologics as a result of his experience bringing several companies to profitable levels of success. Rolf's background in finance, operations, marketing, and accounting, allow for productive, goal-obtaining decisions to be made in our corporate environment. Rolf's motto is that the "Customer is #1," and all efforts for best customer service should be put into play. He believes that leadership is a "serving others" concept, and never a "ruling" concept. Rolf has an undergraduate BBA degree from the University of San Diego, and an International MBA from Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. (866)-826-2355
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Travis Whitney, NMD, MSc, MSAc, is a Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor, Medical Researcher, and Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He is a specialist in Regenerative Cellular Therapy and is the Chief Medical Officer at First Cyte Biologics. Dr. Whitney has treated hundreds, successfully, with regenerative cellular therapies, including those for joint regeneration, neuropathy, COPD, autoimmune conditions, and more. Dr. Whitney brings much to the team at First Cyte with his diverse background and honed practices - we are honored to have him! (866)-826-2355
Vice President

First Cyte Biologics is proud to have Dr. Singh as one of its leaders. Dr. Balbir Singh Bhogal, M.S. (Master of Surgery), PhD., has an impressive background. After leaving India at the age of 20, Dr. Singh went to London, where he completed two advanced degrees and embarked upon a journey that eventually led him to First Cyte Biologics. While receiving his PhD., Dr. Singh mentored under Nobel Laureate, Dr. John Vane. Dr. Singh went on to perform his postdoctoral research at New York University, where he published work related to his research in the area of immunoregulation. Dr. Singh also has extensive experience with many of the largest players within the bio-pharmaceutical sector, like SmithKline and Merck, and has published over 200 peer-reviewed publications on immunology, dermatology, and infectious diseases. Eventually, Dr. Singh's journey led him to regenerative medicine, and that's how First Cyte Biologics found him. We are proud Dr. Singh is a member of the First Cyte Biologics team! (866)-826-2355