FirstCyte Biologics

Products and Services

We offer the following products and services to medical clinics:

  1. Personalized Consultations and Protocols
  2. High Quality Stem Cells
  3. Training of Staff and/or Doctors
  4. Medical Documentation
  5. Marketing 
  6. Doctor Staffing for Procedures 
  7. Patient Leads
  8. Ongoing Support


Our consultations to patients and customized protocols are second to none, and will alleviate much of the preliminary work required to bring a patient on board with the therapy, which could be a distraction to your existing practice if this were not in place.  Let us handle it – we know what we are doing, and the patient will be very informed during the process. 

Our stem cell samples have also been researched thoroughly in order to keep up-to-date with the latest and best when it comes to quality and efficacy.  Mesenchymal cells, or the cells that are actually effective within the sample, need to work, so there are concerns that needed to be addressed during our search phase, such as post thaw viability, cultured vs. non-cultured, etc.  We guarantee the quality of our stem cells.

Our training is also second to none!  You and your staff will be well-educated by the time you have completed the training.  And remember, if you do not have your own in-house doctor to perform the treatments, we will provide one to you!  

We have studied, selected, and put together a plan that will work for you and your existing patient base.  Become our partner….!